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XXL - Extended Peep-Show
XXL - Extended Peep-Show
XXL - Extended Peep-Show
XXL - Extended Peep-Show
XXL - Extended Peep-Show

XXL Extended Peep Show

Art Project Direction: Elena Turchi
Director: Alessandro Fantechi
Box Project: Andrea Pagnes
Performer: Laura Bucciarelli Brenda P.
Production: Isole Comprese Teatro

The Peep-Show, as a sort of passage way, it is “house of nobody”.

The Peep-Sow, as a place for a temporary stop – as well as a theatre for only one spectator – it is a means that can lead to the knowledge of the Self. A box. A glass window. A chair for only one spectator. Three performances. 5 minutes. Three Women. Only one of them has to be chosen. Swallowed by the space - by the vagina – by the death. Apparently. Inside the truth.

Space-Time distortion. Vision distortion. Body distortion. Aberration. Communication restriction. Movement restriction. Disease. Pleasure. Ecstasy. Despair. Folly. Reclusion. Infinity. Space of the untold. Space of the undefined by shape and form. Space of pureness. Space of suspension. Restricted space. Restricted time. Place of intimacy and privacy. Place of the fantasy. Oneiric space. Physical space. Sensation of danger.

The spectator enters.

I enter inside. I’m going to die. I see what a being in agony is just able to see. It is possible to understand the death when having a sense of life as a prolonged agony where life and death are tighten together. Death is not something apart, ontologically different from life: death – as an autonomous entity – it does not exist:
“Everyone carries inside his own life as well as his own death.”
The performer enters.

I enter inside. I’m going to die. I make to happen what it is exactly happening. Sex and death they share the same space: the more intimate is the space the more it becomes universal. Black hole. I’m scared. I mixed myself. With the intimacy, into it. To pull me apart. To separate myself. A violation it’s necessary to see better. The spectator enters. He is going to die. He is the witness of a final result, of a last image. The last word. He enters, he penetrates, he violates an ultimate place. The performer enters. She is going to die. She has been violated – and she herself is ready to violate too: as you enter inside myself, I enter inside yourself.