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Fondamenti di Difettologia

Progetto: Alessandro Fantechi – Elena Turchi
liberamente tratto dall'omonimo trattato di L.S.Vygotskij
Regia: Alessandro Fantechi
Dir.Artistica: Elena Turchi
Attori: Angela Bargigli - Silvia Bonanno - Laura Bucciarelli - Max De Biase
Pierluigi Lanini - Andrea Pagnes - Giovanni Pandolfini - Francesca Spisto
Voce: Andrea Pagnes
Luci: Filippo Mancini
Dir.Tecnica: Paolo Marcucci
Sound project: Max De Biase - Alessandro Fantechi
Make up: Verena Stenke
co-produzione: No Limits 2007 Theaterfestival Berlin (D) - Regione Toscana - Progetto Risvegli - Isole Comprese Teatro

Fondamenti di Difettologia

If something doesn’t destroy you, it makes you stronger. (A.Stern)

Vygotskij’s concept about the meaning of the word “Defect” is to overcome the limit.
A defect – as human deficiency – is therefore energy and autenticity. The hyper-compensation activates the originality of the human being. It is the quest and the construction for other possibile worlds. In FUNDAMENTS OF DEFECTOLOGY the disabled actors become performers: scientists and cavies (lab test animals) in the Utopia Laboratory. They struggle to give a sense and a meaning to existence, as well as to theater.
In this project, the Art of Theater of IsoleComprese becomes a practice for Mistake, portraying De-generation as Flesh Consumption and Corruption. It is a meeting with Imperfection as tangibile statement of life: a journey into the Void, a philosophical Room for Research.


anomaly, lack, deficiency, insufficiency, imperfection, inaccuracy, flaw, fault, blemish, shortcoming, infirmity, ailment, malformation, deformity, want, defectiveness, shadow, vice, absence, difficulty, disturbancy, guilt, damage, mistake, sin, cryme, error, emptyness, weakness, virus, failure, offence, nuisance, annoyance, bother, hole, worm, inexactitude, naive, unskilled, inexpert, unperformed, uneasiness, discomfort, inconvenience, trouble, outrage, abuse. Heidegger coldly considers human condition. He says that human existence is humiliated. There is only one reality: restlessness . And this for all the existing beings. For Mankind – lost in this world as well as in the thought of how spending its own time – restlessness consistes as a short, brief fear. But when this fear takes consciousness of itself, it suddenly transforms in anxiety and anguish: the perpetual climax of the Lucid (Bright) Human Being, where existence finds itself again.