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Corpo 1 Prologo
Corpo 1 Prologo
Corpo 1 Prologo
Corpo 1 Prologo
Corpo 1 Prologo
Corpo 1 Prologo
Corpo 1 Prologo
Corpo 1 Prologo
Corpo 1 Prologo
Corpo 1 Prologo

Body 1 Prologue

Writer/Soul: Andrea Pagnes
Boy/Son: Giovanni Pandolfini
Mother: Laura Bucciarelli
Doctor: Luisa Salvestroni
Lighting: Marco Falai
Co-director: Laura Bucciarelli
Music: Alessandro Fantechi
Testi: Andrea Pagnes, Laura Bucciarelli
Costumes and Scene: Elena Turchi, Andrea Pagnes
Photos: Simone Donati

Tehnical Schedule/Specification

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A pathological theatre - an affection - a theatrical ambulatory - a sickness - a butchery - an anatomic obsession - an anomaly - a body at its beginning

Four metaphorical characters live, act and operate in a theatrical out patients' department /surgery room. The action begins and dies as if it was framed by Boy- character's gestures, words and history, by the extraordinary actor who plays it. The Boy has to deal with his cruel, desperate Mother, which she pours out and recognizes her own sickness through the anomaly which her son is affected with. The Doctor seems to find a sort of enjoyment while she is playing with the desease itself, using, settling and torturing the flesh with her experiments as it was a lifeless puzzle-game. But in the end she is only brought to face her irrefutable fragility of human being. And finally the Soul. A Soul which seems always to be looked for, but that at the same time it seems constantly removed and dismissed. Nevertheless it is the Soul itself which has the task to accompany and go with the Boy along all his dreaming: it gradually establishes relationships with his body, it tells and writes the story of his life, although it predominantly moves and operates inside the space/time dimension which belongs only to it.

When the Boy begins to tell the story of his own life, he has already mixed his voice with Soul's one. Then he gets sick, he dies to re-discover himself throughout his own dreams, side by side with the two feminine characters who try to contro, run and manage his body, each one of them entangled in themselves, imprisoned in the role they have built for themselves. The action reaches its height during a moment of crisis: the Soul animates and concretizes this moment with its voice, it assumes a deeper presence through a daily human ritual, now expressing itself with common gestures in order to find back its own circularity.

Body 1 Prologue is a drama that explores the struggle of the contemporary man with his own body - therefore his own soul. Specifically, throughout the tensions which determined the relationship body/soul, the dramaturgical course as well as the plot on another interpretative level, they analyze and tell elements of a possible reconstruction/refunding of their own unity, which it seems lost in mankind ordinary life. Unity that it is probably fully determined only in the realm of utopia: in a definitely improbable but not impossible theatrical ambulatory.

The plot runs throughout the dream, in a process of virtual sequences. The expressive economy which belongs to metaphors, it gradually reveal what it is the unsaid: a body as psychic object - as main psychic object -, as the last frontier to violate; a neglected, apparently lonely soul which seems to reside more and more in the syntom, in the affection - and so in the solitude -, that is the tearing sickness of contemporary man, that is what man brings with and into himself.

The investigation of the Soul through a genetic anomaly of the human body, it tells that an "anomal body" lives in a complete different way from the "normal" one. A definitely ingenuous way where sham, friction and pretence seem to have no reason of existence.

Through a theatrical operation, contemporary man - which has the scission between body and soul rooted in himself - denies that same scission in very explicit, simple way: if the body struggles with its own soul, it is not for this reason that they have to be considered as if they were two different - or, even worst, separated - entities.

If the cruelty of our existences gives us back the body as the matter of our own daily anguish - a body which we contempt and love at the same time -, it is also absolutely true that it is through dreaming that we find a first possibility to lighten the weight of this anguish.

If we consider the scenic effect as element of corruption in itself - and for the body itself -, it is unquestionable that what comes out it is the awareness - if not the consciousness - of a body capable to save us with its answers, which they differ from one each other depending on what we impose to it time after time, following our moods, desires, wills, intentions.We manipulate, we shatter, we break our body into pieces, we rebuild it to be able to manage it better in order to manage better our own selves.

Nevertheless, in the reality, if we were truly capable to innervate the body into the dream, as well as the dream into the body, we could probably open a breach into the wall of Utopia.

Andrea Pagnes

Body 1Prologue

Tehnical Schedule/Specification

Corpo 1 Prologo
light scheme
Company Requirements:
Staging Requirements:
Crew Requirements:
Light Requirements:
  1. 13 PC of 1000 Watt
  2. 4 SAG ETC
  3. PAR 64 of 1000 Watt
  4. 1 Strobo light
  5. 1 Light Mixer 12/18 Channels
  6. 3 no dimmable practical plagues on stage
Sounds Requirements:

The show lasts 1.15 hour.

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